Tenuta Pietrasanta was born in the area of Pollino National Park in Basilicata.

Approximateley 350 meters above sea level. Tenuta Pietrasanta has more than 15 hectares inside the vast hill in the territory of Senise, it has also the important presence of the Monte Cotugno dam, the largest in Europe.

The secrets of tradition passed down from father to son through generations of farmers. Thanks of that our customers recognize every day the preciousness and quality of our products.

The value of this company is the Senise Pepper, which boasts the certification of protected geographical indication (PGI), thanks also to the commitment of Antonio Gazzaneo, president of the consortium and co-owner of the company: "ab illo tempore" contributed to obtaining this certification. Today the product is recognized at national and international level for its unique taste and its strong organoleptic properties.

Subsequently, the company has expanded by adding to the pepper also other products, offered by the same generous land such as: wine, honey and extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality, also rigorously accompanied by organic certification.
My grandfather used to say: "effort, patience and sacrifice, are fundamental resources for agriculture, they always pay off in the right dose"; we have treasured them and today these are the pillars on which our company stands.

We pay attention to all stages of the production chain and the appreciation of our consumers is the guarantee of our best results.